Blood tests not only help with preventative healthcare, but they also help doctors check for certain diseases and medical conditions. While disease prevention is key to a healthy lifestyle, blood tests also help check for proper organ function, and more!

Reasons for Regular Blood Tests

Depending on the reason for your blood test, your doctor will be looking for certain signals with your blood test lab results. Many times, doctors will look at nutritional values such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Then from the same test, your doctor will look at other indications of disease such as white and red blood cell count. Many people do not realize that with the great increases in health technology over the past couple of years that many diseases can be spotted before they spread. Knowing how and when to get a blood test completed is a great first step in overall health. The good news is that there are many different areas that off on-site blood testing services for anyone that desires it.

Disease Prevention from Blood Tests

Perhaps the biggest positive surrounding blood tests is the fact that it can help with disease prevention. Many diseases take root in the body years before there are any symptoms, and by the time symptoms are showing many people are already way too far down the line to truly treat the disease. With these blood test services, patients can now feel better about their overall health by conducting these diagnostic tests. The older a potential patient is the more frequently blood test should be conducted. If someone is younger, typically in their 20's and 30's, annual blood tests should be sufficient in order to catch any diseases that are may be within their body. However, if a potential patient is older than 65, these tests should be completed every couple of months in order to maximize their effectiveness. Overall, this offers a great example of how technology and education are helping to revolutionize both the effectiveness and the cost of the health care industry.


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