Cholesterol is a substance found inside of the lipids, or fat, in your blood. Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells. However, too much cholesterol in the body can cause health problems. If you have high cholesterol, then fatty deposits can start to accumulate inside of your blood vessels. This can block blood flow to the heart and brain.

If blood flow to the heart is blocked, then a heart attack can occur. A stroke can result in blood flow to the brain is decreased. Keep in mind that high cholesterol does not have any symptoms. The only way that you can know whether you have high cholesterol is to get a cholesterol screening.

Everyone needs to have a cholesterol test by the age of 20. After that, you will need to get your cholesterol levels checked at least once every five years. More frequent tests will be recommended if your cholesterol is not within a healthy range. You may also need to get cholesterol tests more often if you have a family history of this condition.

If your blood tests are not normal, then your doctor will recommend things that you can do to lower your cholesterol. Dietary changes and exercise can help bring down your cholesterol. Many people's cholesterol test results are normal after a couple of months of changing their diet and exercising. However, others are required to take medication.


Statins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors and bile-acid-binding resins are some of the medications that can be used to treat high cholesterol. If you are in need of a cholesterol screening or fear you may have high cholesterol, then contact Sisselman Medical Group today. With offices in both Massapequa and Commack, and a full staff to accomodate you, we're ready to set your appointment at your convenience.

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