Many companies require that their drivers undergo DOT physicals before they are hired. The purpose of a DOT physical is to make sure that a person does not have any health conditions that prevent him or her from safely operating a vehicle. Department of transportation physicals are often required if a person is paid to operate a vehicle that holds between nine and 15 passengers. People who operate a vehicle for interstate commerce purposes may also be required to get a DOT physical. Additionally, drivers who transport hazardous materials may also be required to get a DOT physical.

You will be required to fill out forms about your health history before you get your physical exam. If you have ever suffered seizures, heart attack, chronic pain, spinal cord injuries and impaired vision, then you will have to indicate that on your form. Keep in that you have to answer all of the questions truthfully. Failure to do so can result in legal action.

**Download and print your medical report form here and your certificate here.

Your DOT physical examination will consist of a blood pressure check, pulse check, hernia check and a neurological exam. The medical examiner will also listen to your heart, lungs and check for a hernia. Additionally, your throat, eyes, ears and mouth will be checked.

Your DOT certified medical examiner will then determine whether you are healthy enough to operate a vehicle. After that, you will be issued a certificate. The certificate will last three months, six months or one year.

Sisselman Medical Group offers DOT physicals by certified medical examiner at both locations, Massapequa and Commack, New York. Dr. Stephen Sisselman and Dr. Jill Sisselman are the physicians at this practice. They are assisted by Amy Roberts, Shannan Ricoy and Bethany Kennedy. Amy Roberts and Shannan Ricoy are the physician assistants. Bethany Kennedy is a nurse practitioner. Sisselman Medical Group is committed to offering high-quality medical service in a caring environment.

**Download and print your medical report form here and your certificate here.

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