The primary reason for assessing patient medically prior to surgery is to fully evaluate risk factors to ascertain how to obtain the best possible post-op results. Pre-operative and surgery clearance examinations comprise of a thorough examination of the patient; along with medical history, functional capability and evaluation factors to ensure optimum results with the least amount of risk. Assessing cardiac and pulmonary functioning is of the utmost importance during pre-operation clearance. A fully executed examination of the patient will also determine assessing the anesthesia to be administered and the amount utilized during the surgical procedure Stress response of our client is a vital factor in determining a positive outcome of the patient’s surgery and, therefore, rest assured that our staff of professionals at Sisselman Medical Group are thoroughly trained to continually comfort and assure the patient to reduce the anxiety and stress level during this pre-operative assessment. We believe a compassionate staff is vital in determining how a patient responds to this pre-op examination and that is the key reason why we emphasize the importance of this upon those who we employ at Sisselman Medical Group: comfort, kindness and compassion are our ultimate goals.

medical clearance for surgery

Mandatory medical clearance, as well as a surgery clearance letter, is essential prior to any invasive surgery in order to formulate a plan during the surgical procedure and post-op care and to assess possible risk factors. An independent physician will conduct a complete pre-surgery medical examination and will use his expertise to make his judgment as to patient care prior to the procedure. Various tests will be administered depending upon the procedure to be performed. Pulmonary, cardiac health, gastrointestinal issues, functioning of the liver and kidneys along with blood and urine testing may be done. A comprehensive medical and family history will be obtained from the patient in order to anticipate and avoid any surgical complications due to factors of patient’s or family member’s medical history.



Patients can rest assured and be comforted by the fact that Sisselman Medical Group doctors and staff pride themselves in anticipating and taking every precaution necessary in order to attain the best surgical outcome. Our years of experience, along with patients’ satisfaction can attest to the fact that you are putting your health and well-being in the hands of a proficient, skillful, knowledgeable, professional surgical team.

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