Treatment of acute, along with chronic illnesses, are provided at both of our medical facilities during physical exams. From the simply common cold to the most complex of afflictions, our physicians are highly qualified in a wide spectrum of patient care. Confidence, comfort and care are what we at Sisselman Medical Group strive to attain in dealing with every patient.

physical exams

An initial physical examination at Sisselman Medical Group will comprise of an extensive and comprehensive review of medical history provided by the patient. During your physical exam, a thorough discussion of the main medical concerns and issues are of the utmost importance; along with the frequency of these medical symptoms and occurrences in order to determine a correct diagnosis. Our friendly and outgoing staff of professionals will ultimately assure the comfort of patients during this preliminary examination. Your physical exam will consist of your medical and family history and both former and current medications, including supplements and non-prescription drugs, smoking and drinking habits used by the patient. Current blood pressure, heart rate, height and weight will also be ascertained and recorded, along with an examination of the ears, nose and throat. Laboratory tests and, in some cases, x-rays and other diagnostic tests, may be required and are thoroughly evaluated by our physicians.

Yearly medical check- ups are vital not only for the young during the start of school, but for the elderly as well in order to rest assured of your continuing health and wellness along with determining if there are any underlying medical issues which possibly might not outwardly present themselves. There are numerous medical conditions which might not present themselves as symptomatic and, therefore, complete yearly exams are crucial for optimum health..

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