school and camp physicals

Sisselman Medical Group not only offers family practice but we also provide thorough and complete school and camp physicals. The safety of your child is paramount when our friendly staff undertakes the process of a physical examination prior to your child’s participation in any school or camp activity. As the potential of underlying health problems can exist, it is imperative to have your child examined prior to partaking in school sports and camp activities. It is important for parents to note that since school and camp physicals are more limited in content than an annual examination and screening, a yearly physical should still be adhered to in order to ensure the health of your child.

Our main point of concentration during this school or camp physical examination will be geared towards the specific sport being played and the well- being of the child who will be participating in the particular sport. During the school or camp physical examination, we believe it is a perfect time to open up a conversation with the individual regarding the value of good nutrition, daily physical activity and the importance of obtaining optimal health while young so as to continue healthy habits into adulthood.

Our doctors strive to make this a casual, comfortable, conversation as to not offend the child in any way or to make them feel self-conscious about their body image if, in fact, they may be underweight, overweight or possibly shorter or taller than their peers. Their self-image and self-esteem is key to a child in determining how they feel about themselves in the future. Therefore, it is our job at Sisselman Medical Group to help them attain and retain good feelings about themselves. Our goal is to not only inform the child of good nutrition and healthy habits for now but for them to develop and to get in the practice of forming healthy habits while they are young so as to continue healthy eating and activity habits in the future as adults.

Upon your first initial visit to our facilities at Sisselman Medical Group, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our practitioners and staff and will realize how caring and concerned we are about your health and the health of your family.

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