Following surgery or in the case of a wound, you will likely receive sutures. At Sisselman Medical Group's Massapequa or Commack offices, one of our doctors will use a surgical needle with thread or surgical staples to close a wound or incision so that it will heal. Based on it's location and healing time, they can last from a few days to a few weeks. When the incision is healed, it's best to come back to our offices for a suture or staple removal procedure.

Suture Removal on Long Island

Suture removal can be performed in one of our offices and is relatively painless. It can be done conveniently by one of our physicians or a registered nurse. The suture removal procedure begins with cleansing the sutured area. Then the physician will take their time and use sterile medical scissors to remove the suture. The physician will use sterile forceps to hold the knot and medical scissors to snip each one. Once the procedure is finished, the doctor will cleanse the wound once more.

Staple Removal on Long Island

Due to the difference in technique and material, medical staple removal is done differently to suture removal. The similarity, however, is that both can be done in the office. Once your incision is healed, you can visit either our Massapequa or Commack office and a physician will use a staple removal instrument. The area will be cleansed in preparation for removal with a manual instrument that is similar to medical scissors but has a shoe and horn shape at the end. Once the staple remover is pressed onto a staple, the staple turns into an "M" shape and is removed.

When having sutures and staples removed, it's best to have it done by those with medical knowledge and experience. Medical suture and staple removal is a relatively simple procedures, but should be done in a sterile, safe medical office. For suture and staple removal with a caring touch, contact the Sisselman Medical Group today to schedule your appointment.

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